MOM Approved WSH Audit Firm 054-001-00081
WSQ Approved Training Provider CA-WSQ-2012-019275
8821 8265 / 6535 5338
WSHPA gives recognition to companies or organisations that have performed well in safety and
health through the implementation of excellent safety and health management systems. This Award
is opened to all industries, including, both large and small companies.
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Workplace Safety and Health Performance Award (WSHPA) Audit
What is WSHPA
What we do
We conduct verification audits for WSHPA and SHARP entries
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8821 8265 / 6535 5338
Safety and Health Award Recognition for Projects (SHARP) Audit
What is SHARP
SHARP recognises projects or worksites that have outstanding safety and health performance and
management systems. This includes large-scale projects that mobilise significant manpower and
have shown their capabilities to manage WSH on a project-level. Examples of entries for this award
would be shipyards’ projects, construction worksites and large workplaces within an organisation.
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